Independent Cleanliness Inspections

Service to get your machines Inspected before departure to Australia or New Zealand. Giving you the freedom to use the carrier or freightforwarder you prefer, knowing that your machines have been Inspected!

With an Independent Cleanliness Inspection you can be sure that your machine(s) have been inspected by a professional with over 12 years of experience in cleaning and inspecting machinery. Knowing the places and the contacts to organize the cleaning and cleanliness inspections for you. At the suppliers yard, at specialized cleaning facilities and loading ports.

Getting your machines as clean as possible before departure to Australia can save money – less cleaning in Australia and New Zealand – and faster delivery of the machine(s) to your yard or client.With No Re-Exports from any Australian or New Zealand port and up to date information from AQIS/DAFF your machines will be imported with no difficulties into any Australian port.

Easy working method:
Info to send: type of machine, serial number, where the machine is and date of Inspection. If in a port: carrier, vessel name, booking number. Directly after the Cleanliness Inspection you will be updated about the status of your machine.

Within 12 hrs after Inspection you will receive a report with pictures. All over the World Cleanliness Inspections can be arranged: in the port of departure or at your nominated cleaning facility.


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Whatsapp: +31 6 – 11915888

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